Monday, November 28, 2011

A Cry for 'Help'

Team Marine leader and SAMOHI Marine Biology teacher Benjamin Kay's picture became a viral hit, which shows him beside his surfboard, with the word 'help' spelled out using trash. This culminated with his appearance on NBC, where he spoke about reusing their products and for people to rethink their lifestyles. The image came about during one of Kay's surfing trips, when he noticed the trash around him and decided to collect it. Stuffing anything he found into his wetsuit, he later took some trash and arranged it to form 'help' and then properly disposed of it. Within TWO days of posting it on Facebook, the image went viral, from Foam Magazine to, which finally concluded with his NBC appearance. As Kay urged, "We shouldn't be adopting a disposable culture," and Team Marine continues to fight for this helpful change in our environment.
Kay's NBC can be found here:

Posted by Ivan Morales

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