Sunday, June 20, 2010


On Friday Team Marine graduated from Santa Monica High School.
Team Marine will be going on to attend several Colleges including UCSB, Oregon State, Pitzer College, Humboldt State and University of San Francisco.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Support Lifestraws

Please support our partners in their efforts to expand the Lifestraw Program. Team Marine has been working with this group for the past year and a half collecting and recycling bottles and cans to raise money to buy water purification straws for people who do not have access to clean drinking water.
Please click on the link and vote for them to receive $250K to expand the Lifestraw Program.

Letters To Assemblymembers Supporting AB1998

Team Marine's letter to Assemblymembers

Team Marine wrote and sent letters to eight members of The California State Assembly who play a critical role in the passage of AB1998. In the letter Team marine urges the Assemblymembers to vote for AB1998.

Excerpt form the letter
"California has a critical role to play in becoming a true leader in eliminating plastic bag waste and preventing the proliferation of plastic pollution in our communities. The passage of AB 1998 will be a major step in breaking our addiction to single-use bags. Please help us protect California's and the world's oceans for generations to come by voting for AB1998."

AB1998 Press Conference

Screen shot of Kcal 9 news clip of press conference

On Tuesday morning Team Marine met at the Santa Monica Pier for a press conference to show our support for AB1998. If passed AB1998 would ban all single-use plastic bags in grocery stores, convenience stores and pharmacies and regulate paper bags. Team Marine Captain Megan Kilroy and Coach Benjamin Kay spoke. Team Marine was joined by representatives of several environmental organizations such as Heal The Bay, Environment California, and The Plastic Pollution Coalition.

Follow this link to watch the video

Team Marine Goes To Catalina

As a reward for winning first place in the Edison Challenge and second place in the QuickScience Challenge Team Marine spent four days at the USC Marine Wrigley Institute on Catalina island. While on the island Team Marine had a lot of fun snorkling, kyacking, hiking, stargazing and studying the unique marine ecosystem. Even on such a remote beautiful island Team Marine still spent a lot of time picking up single-use plastic from the beaches and in the waves.