Monday, January 3, 2011

Planting Trees with TreePeople

Flavia Watering Trees & Sawdust in Cement Bays
On Monday, December 27, Flavia Cahn - our Gardening Committee leader - traveled to Oxnard to volunteer at a TreePeople event. TreePeople focuses on planting trees, particularly fruit trees, in low-income Los Angeles communities. They have planted fruit streets all over the city: in public gardens, individual's backyards and on school campuses. In low-income neighborhoods, fresh, organic and healthy food is expensive and hard to come by. For this reason, TreePeople plant easy-to-care-for fruit trees that provide food, shade, beauty, and better air and water quality. TreePeople does other amazing green events such as mountain restorations to benefit the more needy members of our community. 
At the event Flavia and TreePeople unloaded a grand total of 3000 fruit trees. Peach, plum, nectarine, apple and apricot trees of all different varieties were sorted, and then organized into cement-lined bays to stay there until they are ready for planting in South Los Angeles schools. Once the trees were set up in the bays, moist sawdust was shoveled between them in order to keep them upright and to keep the roots alive.

TreePeople operates mostly on donations – not only money donations, so please be generous. Visit this link to find out more:

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