Sunday, August 1, 2010

Recovering from Summer Fever + Beach Cleanup

A big hello from Team Marine to all of our readers! Sadly we've all been very busy this summer, and unable to blog regularly. We will be updating you all on all of our activities we have already completed this summer, starting with our first beach cleanup.

By invitation of Sara Bayles, Team Marine attended a beach cleanup at Santa Monica's lifeguard tower 26 in honor of International Surfing Day, on June 20th, 2010. Close to 40 others accompanied Team Marine in the cleanup, collecting 71.7 pounds of trash from the seemingly clean Santa Monica Beach spot. All that attended were entered into raffles for surfboard demos, shirts, and other prizes, and were provided with a great breakfast of pastries, bagels, and drinks. Participants also competed for prizes for oddest object collected, heaviest object collected, most trash collected, etc. It seemed that Kou won most of them, collecting the most and finding a candle in the shape of a naked woman which was voted the oddest object of the day. We want to give a big thanks to Sara Bayles and Mike Takahashi for organizing, as well to the sponsors of the cleanup including Surfrider, Arbor, and Aqua Surf School.

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